The Secrets of a Viscount
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The Secrets of a Viscount by Linda Rae Sande

Nothing makes a man more lonely than his secrets. The same might be said for women. Godfrey, Viscount Thorncastle, has a secret he’d rather not tell anyone, including the woman for whom he has held a candle for over twenty years. Widow Elise Burroughs Batey has had enough of marriage, but pining for the chance at motherhood, she may have to consider Godfrey’s proposal. If he can just get it right. The man believes the rumors about Elise, none of which are true. But then, she has some preconceived notions about him, including one that suggests he’s a man of experience. Nothing could be further from the truth. Meanwhile, Adam, Viscount Breckinridge, has finally decided it’s time to marry—or perhaps a pending deadline has him motivated to find a bride. Why not the very first woman he spots from the bow window at White’s? He may not be the best at mathematics, but he’s pretty sure she’s got his number. As an arithmetic teacher and dance instructor at a finishing school, Diana Albright has a secret she’d rather the members of the ton not learn, especially the rather handsome man who has just informed her she will be his bride. What a bounder! Of course his proposal is just a lark... or is it?
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