The Secret of Skye Isle
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The Secret of Skye Isle by Marisa Dillon

A lifesaving antidote grows as a rare rose on an isle full of faerie lore. Healer Ursula Fraser won’t risk delivering her best friend’s twins without it, but first she’ll need a guide and a miracle. Both come in the form of battle-scarred laird Alasdair MacLeod, a Highlander who seeks to avenge his father’s death and claim the title, Lord of the Isles. He requires an heir, not a wife. But when he offers her his guidance, he also offers her his bed and a bargain. Insulted, but fearless, Ursula expects she’ll triumph without sacrifice until Alasdair takes a potion of accidental attraction and she’s certain he’s confusing love with infatuation. Even when he risks all to save her from the murderous MacDonalds, is her price too high to pay for him? Will this Highlander who harbors a family secret keep her from returning to Fyvie Castle in time for the twins' delivery? Or will a faerie prophecy filled with magic and a roll of the dice settle all the scores? The answers lie in The Secret of Skye Isle.
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