The Secret of Poppyridge Cove
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A hauntingly beautiful seaside mansion has been abandoned for decades... and for good reason. When Abby stumbles on the crumbling estate, she's uncommonly drawn to it. Even the chilling sight of decaying animals on the back porch or the two million dollar price tag isn't enough to keep her away. Her boyfriend, Chase can't understand why she'd want to spend more than two seconds at the dilapidated building, but there's something calling to her, and she's willing to risk even their relationship to discover it. Through a surprising twist, she's granted a way to purchase the building, and she takes the risk. But even if her wishes are coming true, there may be an ulterior motive behind the mysterious benefactor. Neighbors and friends alike are suspect in Abby's strange happily ever after. But above all the mysteries, the one treasure she discovers is most important could be the one thing she stands to lose. A thrilling escape to the wild Northern California coastline and redwood forests. Join Abby as she first enters the mansion with a heart full of dreams and longing, only to realize she may have left the very best things behind her.
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