The Scot’s Spy
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The Scot’s Spy by Keira Montclair

A warrior who has lost his will to fight. A spy who has lost her dignity. Together, they will save a hero. Elshander Grant is a warrior who can no longer fight. His grandsire, the great Alexander Grant, has always insisted that he and his cousins are destined to be great warriors for Scotland, but Els no longer believes it’s true. Memories from battle plague him every time he raises his sword, and he fears one day he’ll hesitate at the wrong moment. He’s almost desperate enough to run from his destiny when Joya, the beautiful spy who caught his attention years before, rides back into his life. Joya has devoted her life to serving the cause of Robert the Bruce, the rightful King of Scotland. It’s a lonely existence, one that requires great personal sacrifice at times, but she’s never felt ashamed of her decision to serve her country—until she’s reunited with her long-lost brother and he instantly pushes her away for her “unseemly” profession. Lost and alone, separated from the Bruce’s other followers, Joya finds her way to Grant Castle, the one place she knows she’ll be safe. When Els promises Joya he’ll help her find her brother again, neither of them expect where it will lead: an incident that threatens to tear the Grant family in two, plus the couple’s direct involvement in a pivotal battle between the English and Bruce’s forces. Soon the warrior who cannot fight will need to stand up for everything he holds dear, including the woman who’s stolen his heart.
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