The Scot’s Quest
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The Scot’s Quest by Keira Montclair

She's the fiercest lass in all the Highlands. Can he measure up? Dyna Grant is the fiercest lass in the Highlands, but she has one weakness: her grandsire, the renowned Alexander Grant. So when the English threaten his life—again—she volunteers to escort him to safety, even if she has to accept the company of Derric Corbett to do so. A warrior who moves from place to place, battle to battle, Derric never thought he would marry. And yet, Dyna is no ordinary lass and his feelings for her are undeniable. Derric can’t plan a future with her until he reckons with his past, but he also can’t bring himself to step away. So when he’s given an opportunity to travel with her and Alex, he immediately takes it. Their purpose is simple, but the journey soon spirals out of control, each challenge sparking more contention—and passion—between Derric and Dyna. Fate seems to keep throwing them together, but can two such fierce, solitary souls find a way to coexist?
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