The Recluse Heir
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The Recluse Heir by Monique Moreau


The woman I want, happens to be my brother’s fiancée...


I am Luca, the black sheep of the Lupu clan.
As the second son, I scoff at the antiquated rules and traditions of my clan. When my family needs to make an arranged marriage with a rival clan, the next in line to wed the spoiled princess is me.

I’ll be damned if I’m led to the slaughter like some sacrificial lamb.

Let my younger brother, the family lapdog, do the deed. The man is a soulless bastard, anyway.

But the moment I set eyes on the precious princess at my brother’s engagement party, I regret my decision. My knees almost buckle. Holy hell, but she’s beautiful. Sultry and innocent. She’s a lethal combination the likes I’ve never seen before.

If only she wasn’t already pledged to my brother.


My family loves me but I’m merely a pawn in the shifting chess game between the Lupu clan and mine. As the good, obedient daughter, I do what I am told. And that is to marry the youngest brother, a ruthless mafia prince with a reputation for cruelty. It’s the least I can do to make up for the grief I’ve caused my family over the years.

At my engagement party, I’m introduced to my fiancé’s older brother, Luca.

A man with cold gray eyes that makes my skin sizzle with desire.

The same man who already rejected me as his fiancée.

I should hate him for it. Instead, the more time I’m forced to spend in his presence, the less I can remember that he is strictly off-limits.

Content Notes:

The Recluse Heir is a standalone novel. It's the second installment in the Lupu Family Mafia Series – a forbidden romance. Luca is an over-the-top, possessive anti-hero. Please do not read if such material offends.

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