The Reckoning: Scottish Paranormal Romance
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The most highly anticipated romance of the series is here. Sure, Soni lost her heart to 79 Highlanders, but Simon McLaren has dibs on her soul. And you're about to find out why. Time Travel romance was born for star-crossed lovers like these two, and Soni knows just the witch to make it happen. What she doesn't anticipate is what will be waiting for her when she returns to her own place in time. Simon is warned that his destiny is sealed, but he's determined to control it himself. After meeting Soni and falling head over heels, will he let Fate have its way when he realizes its the only way to get the girl he loves? Buy The Reckoning today and find out who's really in charge of the Muir witches...and the ones they love. Sign up for my newsletter for updates and insights into this epic series. And for more fun, join us on Facebook at Highlanders from the Mists of Time.
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