The Rancher’s Mail Order Surprise: Mail Order Bride Western Historical Romance
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Sam returns home one night after an absence of eight years, carousing with bad company. Sam’s father informs his prodigal son that his punishment for leaving is to make the one commitment that ensures he will never leave again: to get married.


Clarise believes she is going west as a mail order bride to start a new life. But she is devastated when she learns that:


1) it is not Sam but his father who has arranged the marriage;

2) Sam is not interested to get married.


Still, Sam’s father insists on the match.


Caught between the warring father and son, Clarise learns about life on their ranch. Slowly, she finds herself falling for Sam. He, despite his best efforts, does the same.

When Sam’s father becomes terminally ill, he realizes that he does not want to run the ranch alone. He marries Clarise only to lose his father a week later.

The couple’s iffy marriage is soon tested when a woman from Sam’s past shows up. She claims that the baby she holds is the daughter of her late sister. And is Sam’s daughter.

Clarise is distraught and dumbfounded.

Sam is certain he has not fathered a child, but can his past be put to rest? How can Clarise and Sam salvage their already fragile marriage?

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