The Rain of Love
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The Rain of Love by KAT T. SCOTT

Sasha I trusted him. I loved him. I took risks for him. I believed him. But now, all I want Is to kill him. Gabriel I fooled her. I enslaved her. I refused to love her. I killed her. But now, all I want Is to feel her. Will you turn away from love to have your revenge? Gabriel Petrovich has long planned to avenge his parents’ death by making Xerxes Belov and his daughter, Sasha, suffer the same pain. But he never expected that the demon he wants to kill has an angel for a daughter. Will her innocence be enough to heal his pain and change his mind? Or will he turn the angel into a devil he’ll enjoy playing with? Cruel Fate is a Bratva romantic erotica from the bestselling author Kat T. Scott. This new series offers a dark story of love and revenge. Will Gabriel and Sasha see the light of forgiveness or the darkness of regret? Follow their journey by getting The Rain of Love, the second book of this series and enjoy their sizzling discovery about each other.
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