The Oath we Give (The Hollow Boys Book 5)
On this day, I vow to make your rage my own, to weather the storm of your revenge, and keep you forever safe.” Two years. That’s all the peace we had before our past awoke from the dead. Rose from the grave with malicious hands, famished, and ready to bury us six feet below. The tombstones of our enemies have been overturned, and we are reminded that we can never escape the chains of the corrupt. Seeking retribution for my lost love consumed my past, but that violence and desire for punishment now jeopardized the future of those closest to me. We are given one choice, a singular option. Return to Ponderosa Springs. Or reap the consequences. But it’s more than the infamous Hollow Boys in danger this time. It’s her. The cursed one. A mirage of a woman too stubborn for her own good. Coraline Whittaker and I share a common enemy. Her fear of him and his possession over her is the only reason she agrees to work with me. We promise to protect one another. Share the weight of his return and the misery his presences brings; Till death do us part or the man plaguing her dreams is finally sent to the grave. What she doesn’t know is there is more than a villain weaving us together. It’s not just the revenge I want. It’s not the satisfaction of ruining the town that tainted us. I want her. Once again, I’ve taken a vow to protect someone, took her vengeance and made it my own. Still waters have always run deep. Ponderosa Springs isn’t the only one with secrets. I’ll let the world know mine before they take her away from me. That rotting town knows what I do to people who take things that belong to me. A mistake repeated? Not even God himself will deliver them from my evil.
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