The New Moon Ascending
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The New Moon Ascending by Acacia Warmerdam

In the epic conclusion of the Nile Goddesses series, our brave heroine, Emilia, delves even deeper into the enigmatic past of her ancestors. As she peels back the layers of mystery, Emilia realizes that the struggle for freedom, love, and power has always plagued her lineage. At the heart of the unrest lies the cruel and ruthless Montu. Is it possible that Emilia is the key to breaking this endless cycle of oppression and heartbreak? Meanwhile, Nefurie, the last remaining Nile Goddess, faces a trial that is not an embodiment of pure evil but her own formidable fears. A bewitching enemy sparks her heart, compelling her to grapple with a whirlwind of trust and passion. As love weaves its beguiling spell, she risks succumbing to a tantalizing lust that teeters on the brink of betrayal. Consumed by a whirlpool of uncertainties, Nefurie faces a battle fiercer than any physical enemy—the battle within her own heart. Yet she knows she cannot let the trepidation take over, or she'll risk facing the same cataclysmic end as her fallen sisters. Nefurie’s destiny holds more than just her own fate; the survival of her people lies within her hands. Could love prove to be her greatest ally or something more sinister? Meanwhile, Nefurie, the last of the Nile Goddesses, finds herself battling a powerful foe—her own fears. When she falls for an enemy, she grapples with trust issues and lust. But she can't let the fear consume her; if it does, she may meet the same devastating end as her sister goddesses. Finally, Emilia unearths the gripping tale of her grandmother, Mona, the hidden princess. Chained by restrictions set about by her father. Mona is suffocated and forgotten. Yet, as the allure of love whisks her away, her forbidden love could have altered their family's destiny. Will she survive the consequences? In this story, where danger and love coexist, no one is safe from the cruel hand of the Fates. As the characters navigate through an intricately woven tale of deception, survival, and loyalty, readers will be captivated by every page-turning moment. This engrossing fantasy romance series continues to cast its irresistible spell on its avid readers. Let your heart race as each page brings new perils and passionate encounters, making you root for your beloved characters against all odds. Delve into a rich tapestry of familial bonds, old foes, unforeseen love, and the heroic struggle for freedom in the finale of the Nile Goddesses series.
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