The Matchmaker’s Request: A Regency Romance (Larkhall Letters Book 4)
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His new challenge: Keep himself from falling in love again at all costs.

At odds with love, Matthew Northcott has firmly decided that he will never marry, much to the dismay of his relatives...and nearly every young lady he meets. Rather than seek a marriage for himself, he attempts to find matches for others, grateful to see that love is not entirely cruel—just cruel to him.

When a letter arrives from Matthew's friend Jack, asking an immense favor from him, Matthew undertakes a new challenge: Find a husband for Jack's spinster sister, Miss Cassandra Warwick before the end of the season. Though a strange request, Matthew is determined to help his friend. But as he comes to know Cassandra and the circumstances which placed her in his path, he begins to wonder who the matchmaker truly is.

The Matchmaker's Request is a sweet and clean regency romance novel, book four in the Larkhall Letters series. Each book stands alone, but are best enjoyed when read in the order below.

Books in the Larkhall Letters series:

Book 1: The Ace of Hearts
Book 2: The Captain's Confidant
Book 3: With Love, Louisa
Book 4: The Matchmaker's Request
Book 5: Lord Blackwell's Promise

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