The Lion of Blacklaw Tower
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The Lion of Blacklaw Tower by Rebecca Ruger

They owe each other their lives. Having saved her from a fate worse than death, John Craig would have paid with his life if not for Ava Guthrie coming to his rescue. So, while they might now be even, there is no way that John can abandon Ava. Saving him essentially made her a criminal, and that is the only reason he insists she must flee with him. Certainly, it has nothing to do with the bone-melting kiss they shared just before he would have hanged. Between her disquiet at the prospect of leaving the only home she has ever known, and the greater foreboding roused by the ferocious warrior and his astonishing kiss, the last thing Ava wants to do is take flight with the man. He’s brusque and angry and seems to have little use for women, despite the fact that she did just save his life. But then there’s something beneath the façade of that lion, something that suggests his heart is not so impenetrable as he would have her believe. Pursued from the city by an English-aligned sheriff, keen to make a name for himself with the capture of the legendary Lion of Blacklaw Tower, John, Ava, and their small band of accomplices are literally running for their lives inside inhospitable territory. John is supposed to be about the king’s business, not being enthralled by the recklessly fearless lass. When the king issues a direct order calling John to his side at the same time Ava is captured, John is forced to make a choice between honor and duty…and maybe love?
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