The Lake Howling Series, Books 1-3
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In a small Oregon town, three different couples are in for the ride of their life… laugh out loud funny and sizzling sexy. This set of small town romances will deliver you all the feels, from USA Today bestselling author Lani Blake. PROMISE OF HOME (Jake and Branna) Dr Jake McBride loves two things in life. His people, and chicken cheesy-crust pies. Returning from Iraq, he’s done with medicine and strangers… in fact life. He knows all about trauma, and plans on dealing with his, his own way. His needs are simple, solitude and working on his new career as the town recluse. The only problem with that… well two actually, are the interfering towns folk of Lake Howling, and Branna O’Donnell. He’s damn sure that her return means nothing to him… until it does! THE TEXAN MEETS HIS MATCH (Ethan and Annabelle) Helicopter pilot Ethan Gelderman V is a man who understands woman, both in and out of the bedroom. Annabelle ‘killer’ Smith seems to be the only lady who looks at him like he’s something she got stuck on her stiletto. Sexy, beautiful and colder than a glacier, she lives in the small town of Lake Howling alongside his best friend, and she has a lifetime supply of Texan repellent. But Ethan has one thing in his favor – persistence - and when he gets the chance to infiltrate her defenses he takes it, and to hell with the bite marks! HOW SWEET IT IS (Buster and Willow) Buster Griffin has zero tolerance for idiots. Annoy him and you’re cut from his life. Unless you’re a friend, then you get two strikes. When Willow Harper from New York turns up in his home town of Lake Howling determined to meddle, he’s ready to move her on. The problems starts when her business woman persona sheds and he discovers the sweet, hot mess beneath. Before he knows it, he’s making plans to keep her. If you enjoy your small town romance sizzling with a side of crazy, then Lake Howling is for you. Meet the real authority in town (the local book club) and remember to stick your nose in everyone’s business! Swim in the ice cold lake, then warm up with a coffee and mystery muffin at The Hoot Café. Plenty of feels and LOL’s, all wrapped up in a town that will have you packing your bags to head there from the opening page. BOOKS IN THIS SERIES A Promise Of Home The Texan Meets His Match How Sweet It Is It Only Took You Don't Look Back A Long Way Home Then Came You Faith and the Rock Star
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