The Hate Date
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The Hate Date by Kaylene Winter

When a man who has everything & will do anything—including pole dancing—to redeem himself to the feisty woman who couldn’t care less about power or money. Clover Callahan has my client’s money and I’m not going to stand for it. I’m taking her down, and if I play my cards right, she won’t even see me coming. Everything’s going exactly to plan… Until an elevator malfunction has us trapped for an entire night. Alone. I mean, she’s hot. I’m hot. What did you expect was going to happen? Yeah. It did. And it was spectacular. I can admit, I was wrong about Clover—she’s all I think about. Unfortunately, after what I did, she hates me and everything I stand for. But I’m no quitter…I’ll wear her down. With a proposition even she won’t refuse: One night. One date. Don’t be late!! The Hate Date is a sweltering, standalone, billionaire, enemies to lovers, age gap, forced proximity, workplace, HEA romance.
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