The Grumpy Side of Paradise

The Grumpy Side of Paradise by Brittany Larsen


Adam is the grumpiest grump in Paradise, and I am NOT tempted by his growl. At all. I swear.

When my best friend convinces me to rehab the family home she's inherited in tiny Paradise, Idaho, she fails to mention the muscle she's hired to help me. Adam Thomsen makes no secret that he doesn't like the job, or me. He hates all the new building projects in Paradise, even if he needs the money that comes with them to keep his restaurant, The Garden of Eatin’, open.

Adam may know how to wield a nail gun and a spatula, but he's mastered the art of singing in the kind of raspy voice that makes my knees buckle. As much as I try to remind myself that Paradise is a short-term gig, I can’t resist getting closer to Adam. The more I get to know him, the more he reveals the soft underside to his grumpy exterior. And there's nothing soft–or cold–about his kisses. Those are hotter and rolling with more steam than anything on his restaurant’s menu.

Just as things really heat up, I get the opportunity to stay in Paradise for longer than a few months. Good news, right? Problem #1 is the NDA I signed prevents me from telling Adam why. Problem #2– and this is a biggie– the reason I have for staying is exactly the reason Adam will want me to leave. But I won't let either of those get in the way of my budding relationship with him. I’m confident things will work out. Positivity is my superpower.

The only thing my super-powered positivity may not survive is the return to Paradise of the one woman Adam has ever loved. The same one who left him at the altar and now wants to tempt him back into her arms. 

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