The Goddesses in the Moon
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The Goddesses in the Moon by Acacia Warmerdam

The second book in the captivating Goddesses in the Moon series will plunge readers into a world filled with passion, peril, and supernatural intrigue. Emilia finds herself increasingly drawn into a fantastical reality that bleeds into her waking life, with the boundaries between the two becoming alarmingly blurred. As she navigates a swirling saga of romance, adventure, and political subterfuge, she falls desperately in love with Dawson, a man the world claims is unworthy due to their taboo connections. Will their love conquer the odds? Each chapter unearths ancient tales of goddesses who wielded their divine powers with courage and defied societal norms. Learn how these women reigned as the Nile’s most beloved rulers, uncover their secrets and the love they fiercely fought for. Embrace the mesmerizing love story of the first goddess, Sobeknefure, caught in a tantalizingly forbidden romance, not only with a guard but with a woman. Their relationship hangs by a thread as a haunting past threatens to tear them apart. Follow the second goddess, Hatshepsut’s tumultuous love affair, one plagued by her Vazir’s distrust and clouded by the reputations that precede them. Will his overbearing desire to protect her above all else become their undoing? Or will he succumb to his deepest desires? The Goddesses in the Moon book two promises a gripping blend of fantasy, romance, and suspense, perfect for fans of richly drawn characters and immersive world-building. Will Emilia triumph over the looming threat of a God, or will the stakes prove too high in her pursuit of love? Find out in an exotic world influenced by Egyptian culture, filled with magic and passionate encounters. Perfect for those who adore Greek tragedies and love erotic stories.
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