The Damaged Billionaire’s Obsession: An Enemies to Lovers Surprise Baby Romance
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I messed up. I slept with my smart-mouthed employee, and now she’s carrying my child. For ten years, I’ve perfected the art of avoiding trouble. Which is exactly what Bonnie is, with her tight leather clothes, unruly curls, and that sassy mouth that’s just begging to be taken. I’m intrigued by her fierce independence and brilliant mind, But it is the shadows in her eyes that have me spellbound. One taste was all it took, and now I’m hooked on to her. She can’t stand me, too, yet she can’t stop coming back for more. So I break all my rules and show her the man beneath the mask. And when Bonnie is forced to confront her past, she suddenly disappears with a secret. My secret. Going after her means I’ll have to plunge into hell but it's also the only chance to make us a family. Like I said, she’s trouble. Only now, nothing has ever tasted so good.
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