The Christmas Agreement
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The Christmas Agreement by Sharon Woods


I didn’t know he was a billionaire and a single dad the night he was stranded with me and only one bed.

Marc has been in my bar a few times before. We often exchanged a few words, but this time was different. His flight was delayed and then cancelled, so I joined him for a drink after closing and got to know him… really well.

As good as he looked in suits, nothing prepared me for Marc without one. Or the way he held me afterwards, despite me telling him I never do that.

Whatever. What’s one night of rule breaking? I’d never see him again anyway.

Except, when I finally land a prestigious architecture trainee position in New York, I find myself on his doorstep.

Marc’s full of surprises.

He never mentioned he had a daughter.

This is a complication I don’t know if I’m ready for. It was supposed to be one night of harmless fun, but now he won’t let me go.

And I don’t know if I want him to.

The Christmas Agreement is a full-length steamy dual POV standalone romance, featuring a hot single dad billionaire and a sassy yet fun loving heroine.

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