The Calendar of New Beginnings
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Discover why millions love Ava Miles for unforgettable romance in this emotional friends-to-lovers story about the power of new beginnings—perfect for fans of Debbie Macomber and Susan Mallery. “It was like her heart was a camera lens, and she’d finally found the best setting for her life.” “A person got the kind of love they asked for, and he wasn’t going to keep hiding what he wanted from himself or her because it was more comfortable or convenient.” With her whole world turned upside down, the last thing international photojournalist Lucy O’Brien expected was for it to spin out of complete control. She finds herself falling for her longtime BFF, Dr. Andy Hale, the moment she arrives, risking their friendship. Only she has a secret, one she’s too scared to admit to anyone lest it come true. But Andy knows her better than anyone, and while he’s still overcoming the loss of his wife and finding his way as a single parent, he’s not going to let Lucy hide anything from him. Certainly not in her controversial Calendar Girls’-project to raise money for breast cancer. Especially when he’s falling for her too. At first, the sparks of attraction fly amidst their easygoing banter over ice cream cones. But there are deeper feelings at work here, and both must uncover the seeds of their new beginnings together, realizing there’s nothing more powerful than love and friendship to pave the way.
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