The Cafe on Crescent
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The Cafe on Crescent by Carolyn Finch

Her awful Brother-in-law wants the house -- and her. The Great War is over leaving Lucy Lemon a destitute widow with a tax bill for her dream house that she can't afford. Worse, her awful brother- in-law wants the house -- and her. Suddenly, an opportunity to open a Cafe lands in Lucy's lap. As help comes from an unexpected source, Lucy will have to face a heartbreaking choice. Stay stuck in the past, clinging to a house she can't afford, or forge ahead with a new dream. The Cafe on Crescent, book 2 in the Lemon Sugar series, is a clean and wholesome, small town, historical women’s fiction read. If you like heartwarming tales of heroines who are stronger than they realize facing life’s challenges head-on (and even finding happily ever after along the way), this series might just be your next favorite comfort read.
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