The Bride’s Shame And Her Miracle Baby: Mail Order Bride Western Historical Romance
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When Maribelle agrees to go west to be the bride to a man she knows little to nothing about, she believes that a peaceful life of hard but honest work awaits her.

However she stumbles upon an abandoned baby, and her life is turned upside down. She is made a mother in an instant and her entire future becomes uncertain.

Edward is a man contented with his life. He is merely in need of help on his modest, but well-tended homestead. What he does not need is a reminder of the troubled former life that he has worked for years to forget. But when Maribelle shows up, baby in arm, there is no denying the past.

Edward, on one hand, struggles to accept Maribelle’s newfound motherhood while Maribelle, on the other hand, finds it hard to tell Edward that she is barren due to a childhood illness.

When the ghosts of their pasts threaten to destroy the happiness of their futures, Edward and Maribelle must learn to cling to one another or risk losing everything.

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