The Art of Stealing a Duke’s Heart
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When an art forger is caught in the act, she becomes a fraudulent governess. Can she follow through on the theft? It was only supposed to be one night. Except that night of deceit leads to a mistaken identity and the duke finding his new governess. A governess who is out to steal his painting -- and perhaps his heart. Calliope Murphy was determined to prove to her family that she was as capable as the rest of them. That she could paint a copy of a priceless masterpiece and steal from a pompous, arrogant duke. But when Calli is discovered and mistaken for the new governess, one night of deceit becomes a much longer game -- one that Calli is not sure she can win. Jonathan Saville, the Duke of Hargreave, should be able to attain anything he desires. His fortune is as large as his entailed lands, and his title is enough to cause young women to overlook his surliness and vie for the role of his bride. But Jonathan learned long ago never to trust, and never to let anyone in too close -- most especially not his overeager niece and nephew, nor the far-too-tempting new governess. Posing as the governess to the Duke of Hargreave, Calli relishes the opportunity to spend as much time as she can with the painting she must perfect. But the more time she takes, the closer she becomes to the children -- and the duke himself. As their relationship changes, she realizes she can never betray him -- but what other option does she have? When the deception is complete, Calli isn’t sure what all will be stolen -- the painting, the duke’s trust, or, most at risk, her heart. For readers 18+ due to some steamy scenes.
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