The Agreement: A Brother’s Best Friend Fake Relationship Romance
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He's my brother’s best friend Also my new boss And now my fake fiancé... Cade ‘the King’ Kingston, billionaire grumphole and the most sought-after athlete on the continent. He’s also London’s most notorious bachelor with a ten-pack and a profile that would make Adonis weep. Too bad he’s ruthless has a heart made of ice and is the most unfeeling brute I have ever met. When my brother asks him to look out for me while he’s away, Cade engages me as his new Communications Manager. Now he’s my boss, I definitely don’t want to get involved with him. But I’ve harbored a secret crush on Cade, and when we start working together in close proximity, my feelings for him multiply. When a stalker targets me, Cade proposes a fake marriage for my protection. But he has secrets of his own... This is a swoony, angsty, banter-filled romance featuring a woman in over her head, a man in over his heart, and a Champagne loving Great Dane who plays matchmaker by mistake. It stands alone and comes complete with the best grovel and grand romantic gesture ever!
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