That Kiss
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That Kiss by Alexis Winter

One kiss. That's all it took to confirm what I've known my entire life—I’m in love with Decker Slade. But that’s where the fairytale ends because he’s only ever seen me as the wild child next door. Until one night when we both end up back in town and a single, stolen kiss has me right back in his grasp. What everyone once passed off as an adolescent crush has turned into a thirst only he can quench. So I dip my toe in, letting myself believe that even if this is all it can ever be, it’ll be worth it. Soon, I’m drowning in him, knowing full well it can only end one way… in a broken heart just like every other woman that’s come before me. What I didn’t expect was the one woman who broke his heart showing up for a second chance. One kiss was all it took to ruin me forever. And one secret was all it took to remind me that he was never really mine. Dive into this steamy and swoon-worthy small town romance! No cheating or cliffhangers!
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More than any other type from the romance genre, small-town romances guarantee warmth and relaxation, the story equivalent of a safety blanket in nervous times. Three romances deliver on that assignment while integrating a surprising number of modern social realities into the mixture. In this genre, you will get books regarding small-town relationships or romance based on a small town. If you love to read romantic books, you have to add this genre to your reading list as this genre is one of the most popular genres in the romance category. Small town romance books are widely available in the market; you can buy these books online or offline.

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