Target Lizzy
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Target Lizzy by Stingray23

She refused the blind date. Only to end up on it. “I devoured this book - I didn’t even realize time had passed!” -Kindle customer He’s a Navy SEAL visiting his brother. A total badass and handsome AF. Reluctant to be groped by a Frog Hog, but willing to help his brother out. Brody agrees to take one for the Andrews team. Too late to be introduced, he sees Lizzy leaving. She’s short and thick with a gorgeous smile. Just his type. Following her into the city, he secures a seat next to her during the dinner show. And just like that, she’s on the date she didn’t want to take. Prepare to fall hard for swoony alpha hero, B.A., who rescues a clueless Lizzy Mayer from multiple issues in this meet cute —she crashes into a wall that says, “Oomph.”— empowering, steamy, military, romcom with a romantic suspense twist. Whoever said, "Chivalry is dead,” didn't meet this Navy SEAL. “She thinks it’s a one night stand. Ahhh, just grab the book!” -Goodreads Review * * * * * * "Previously published as Falling for His Badass by Jessika Klide.”
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