Taming The Bad Boy: A Enemies To Lovers Romance (Romance In Ben’s Creek)
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Arrogant playboy, gorgeous bad girl, danger everywhere… I’ve been running from my abusive ex for days. I’m terrified and desperate. I find an empty cabin and safety, maybe for a day or two. Suddenly, I hear someone behind me and I turn to face him. This guy is beyond gorgeous, and he knows it. He stands there glaring at me with eyes the bright blue of the Mediterranean Sea on a sunlit day. Instantly, I imagine us naked and my heart rate jumps even more… I don’t have time for this man. I know what evil is chasing me and I must keep running. I tell him to stay away but his fiery kiss curls my toes, and I can’t let go. Then, this man I barely know almost takes a bullet for ME. As cocky and infuriating as he is, I have much to learn from Jack. The lesson is obvious; reality, truth, and feelings I’ve never experienced before are wrapped up in this man. He touches my soul. Will he be my protector? Can I trust him with my heart? Can I trust him with my deepest secret?
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