Tailgates & Truck Dates

Tailgates & Truck Dates by Haley Rhoades

They both have big goals. But will an unplanned baby derail their futures? Madison craves so much more out of life. Counting down the days until she leaves for college, the eighteen-year-old dreamer is ready to escape her alcoholic mother and small-town nosiness. But wanting her first time to be with someone she trusts, she approaches her best guy friend with a sexy farewell proposition. Hamilton’s excited for the next chapter. Drafted to MLB to start in the minor leagues, he treasures his one special night with his favorite girl as a fond send-off. And unwilling to let it become a final goodbye, he savors each word of their many texts and video calls to stay connected. Her stomach dropping when she finds out she’s pregnant, Madison scrambles for a way to keep it secret from their tight-knit circle, continue her longed-for education, and not destroy her bestie’s promising baseball career. But though Hamilton is confused by her sudden distance, he discovers a desire for something deeper than friendship. Will they open their hearts to each other, or will hard choices push them apart? Tailgates and Truck Dates is the emotional first book in The Locals New Adult sports romance. If you like fun casts of characters, coming-of-age drama, and slow-burn relationships, then you’ll love Haley Rhoades’s beautiful beginning. Buy Tailgates and Truck Dates to swing at a curveball today!
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