Taboo Daddies
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Taboo Daddies by K.C. Crowne


Five sensational taboo older men and the lucky younger ladies who capture their hearts.

This box set will be offered for a limited time. Grab this delectable mixture of forbidden Amazon Top 100 romances in a hard to resist package.

Book One: Doctor Daddy

It was the perfect arrangement…

Three hot days and steamy nights in the city of love.

No strings attached. No phone numbers exchanged. No real names.

Fast forward 9 months later and guess who is the doctor delivering my baby - and he’s probably going to flip!!!

Book Two: Daddies Best Friend

Matthew isn’t just older...

He’s my dad's best friend. And my new hot boss.

Will I regret everything after discovering I'll become the mother of his baby?...

And when danger comes knocking can he save us when we need him most?

Book Three: Taboo Daddy

15 years age gap?

It's naughty. It's taboo. It's scandalous.

And a scandal is the last thing my family needs.

But the pink bars on the screen tell me that this little secret...

Won't stay little for very long.

Book Four: Ex Boyfriend’s Dad

My son and I fell for the same girl.

And now her life is in my hands.

But how am I supposed to guard her life...

When all I can think about is devouring every inch of her for myself?

Book Five: Daddies Law

He's twenty years older.

HOT single daddy.

And my very bossy bodyguard.

Should I be more worried about the dangerous men after me...

Or the inappropriate feelings I have for my much older bodyguard?!

If you enjoy the following you will LOVE Taboo Daddies:
❤️Older men younger women
❤️Hot doctors
❤️Single daddies
❤️Secret babies
❤️Surprise deliveries
❤️Daddy's best friends
❤️Possessive bodyguards
❤️Ex-boyfriend's dads
❤️ Older bosses
❤️ Forbidden toe curling slow burns

Note to readers: This box set will be offered for a limited time.

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