Susannah and Lucas
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Susannah and Lucas by Annie Boone

Susannah Tumlin wanted more out of life than she would ever find in Boston. She decided to leave. She had to have a way to do it, so she decided to become a mail order bride. She would be going to Rocky Ridge, Colorado to marry the sheriff of the town. The whole thing sounded exciting and frightening at the same time. Lucas Jessup wanted a family. He needed a wife to get the family. His life was different than it once had been. He'd been a Texas Ranger with a life full of drama and danger. Life as the sheriff in Rocky Ridge was easy with much less drama and certainly no danger. Now was the time to start that family. Susannah and Lucas hit many milestones together, even though their marriage takes an unexpected turn. Through trials and great disappointments, they'll have decisions to make. This emotional winding road will take you places you don't expect and reveal personal failings that will make or break the strongest. Take the journey with Susannah and Lucas and find out where they end up. This is Book 1 in the Colorado Matchmaker Series, a sweet and inspirational series of love, romance, and trust.
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