Suddenly My Selkie
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Suddenly My Selkie by C.C. Wood

Nova is a free spirit, not uncommon for a will o’ the wisp. Life is an adventure and she yearns to see new places and meet new people. Maybe even get up to a little mischief while she’s at it. The only thing missing in her life is love. She wants to share her experiences with someone. Torin may look like the bad boy he once was, but now he’s a successful chef and restauranteur. His life is organized and he likes things a certain way—his way. But he’s ready to settle down and most females refuse to take a chance on a selkie because of the ridiculous myths about how the sea was their first and only love. Cue Mystical Matchmakers, where all immortals are welcome. When Torin is matched with Nova, their first date is a disaster. He’s sure she’s a flake and she is certain that he’s uptight and close-minded. They’re opposite in every way and neither of them believes they’ll see each other again. But fate throws them together when Torin’s manager hires Nova to work in his restaurant while he’s out of town. As they spend more time together, they both begin to wonder if they’re a perfect match after all. Mystical Matchmakers…find the paranormal romance you’ve been searching for.
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