Stray Wolf
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Stray Wolf by RK Munin


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Steph’s psychic gift has never led her astray. That means when her gift encourages her to reach out to a dangerous and angry-looking man sitting in the park near her house, she doesn’t even hesitate. Without fear for her safety, she offers him food and shelter in her own home, having no idea she’s about to be exposed to a world she never even knew existed.

Eli shouldn’t follow this human home. As a shifter who has trouble getting along with the powerful animal inhabiting his body, he tends to be a loner. He even stays away from other shifters, so why is he agreeing to spend time with this fragile human female?

But this cheerful, loyal, and fierce female surprises him at every corner, and before he knows it, she’s not only important to his wolf but manages to insinuate herself with several clan members without even knowing what they are.

To add yet another problem, one clan leader is hell bent on using her as a means to an end while a rival clan leader sees her as a threat to his dominance. With two clan leaders gunning for her, Steph is determined to help the many abused shifters under the dictatorial rule of these men instead of doing the safe thing, which would be to run.

A battle is coming, but who will survive isn’t clear. What is clear is that Eli will stand by her to his last breath because he and his wolf finally agree on one thing. Steph is the most important thing in their life.

This is a contemporary urban fantasy novel with a HEA. This book is meant for mature audiences, eighteen and older readers only. Use the “See Inside” option to view trigger warnings.

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