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Stolen by Jolie Vines

He’s a mountain rescue pilot. She’s about to fly into danger. Rory There are three things I know as fact: There’s a million dollars in my bank account that isn’t mine I planned a vacation fling with a hot Scottish guy… But then kissed his twin by accident. Bam, cue fireworks. Now, if the universe could do me a solid and help me kiss him on purpose, I might forget my money troubles. Maddock Two years ago, I betrayed my brother in the worst possible way. I slept with his girlfriend. An accident on my behalf, but one that tore us apart. I’ll never hurt him like that again. I didn’t count on Rory Westacre slamming her way into my life and laying her lips on mine. I didn’t know I could fall for a lass with just one kiss. I’ll deny those feelings until the end of time in order to make things right with Max. But when the money in her account threatens her life, nothing will stop me from saving the woman who’s stolen my heart. Even if I can never have hers. -- Stolen is a standalone novel in the Wild Mountain Scots Amazon top 100 series. Expect sharp chemistry, heated scenes, and big love in the gorgeous Scottish Highlands.
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