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Stirred by Heather Sage

She's a single mom. He's a police officer who always seems to be there when she needs help. But after an unexpected night together, can Gia put aside her fear of commitment for something real? Georgia "Gia" Kirk is no stranger to chaos, but her life as a new, single mom has certainly thrown her for a loop. After a rocky start to motherhood, Gia is finally starting to feel like the pieces are falling into place. She's thriving in her new job as an event planner, and enjoying the close friendships she's built in Riveredge. Or she was, until one of those friendships - with police officer Tyler Hunt - starts to feel like something more. Not ready for a relationship (and not willing to ruin the friendship), Gia tries to avoid him - which proves to be difficult, considering they're both in her best friend's wedding. Between a wild weekend in Vegas, a wedding with a twist and several chance encounters, can Gia outrun fate? This sweet (with a dash of spice) rom-com with an HEA is the third book in the River City Romance trilogy.
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