Stealing Haven

Stealing Haven by Mark Love

After months of hard work, Jamie and her best friend, Linda, are on vacation. Lounging on the sandy beaches of South Haven, on the shore of Lake Michigan, the ladies only plan is no plan. No deadlines for Jamie, the investigative reporter. No papers to grade for Linda, the high school teacher. It’s time to kick back and relax. That lasted until lunchtime on Monday, when they shared a table with Jared, a local cop and Randy, a city official who only had eyes for Jamie. Casual conversation revealed a home invasion, which got Jamie’s curiosity going. While the two friends explore South Haven, Jamie discovered a pattern with the home invasions. Sharing her clues with Jared, it isn’t long before Jamie and Linda are recruited to help catch the crooks. Sand, sun, romance and a mystery to solve. Sounds like a perfect vacation for Jamie.
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