Speechless: When Love Hurts
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Speechless: When Love Hurts by BriAnn Danae


In Speechless: When Love Hurts, the first literary release from BriAnn Danae, readers are invited to ponder over the thought, “It’s always the ones closest to you” Brooke McBride experiences this first hand. After hiding a secret from her loving and devoted husband she wants to unveil her horrid past but is clueless on where to begin. Brooke knows that if it’s ever revealed she may lose him for good. When a tragic loss takes the couple by surprise the vows that they professed two years ago are put to the ultimate test. David better known as D-Rock, is the perfect definition of a hustler in the streets of Kansas City. For many years he has served the hood as the number one supplier for product. But when new people emerge on the scene and become his competition, D-Rock’s money begins to run dry. Although he is well known in the game and corporate world too, D-Rock has a past that comes back to haunt him. Prior to dancing with the devil, D-Rock was lucky enough to have a team full of killers ready to avenge on his behalf, but lack of funds revoked his stress, credibility and unfortunately his power too. So now D-Rock is forced to fight his own battles. Erica, former stripper at one of the most illustrious strip clubs and girlfriend to D-Rock. She loves D-Rock from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet, everything about him makes her heart smile… except his inability to appreciate her as his woman. However, Erica isn’t oblivious to their disconnection. She knows that she is the reason for their strained relationship. One wrong decision in the past brought upon her insecurities and he hasn’t dealt with her the same since. As much as Erica loves her some D-Rock, when the opportunity presents itself to test the water, she is hesitant but still temptation pushes her over the ledge and Erica dives in head first. Anthony, the doting husband and crème of the crop as one of the top lawyers in his home town, is well known. Not only does he have a successful career and thriving business but the perfect wife and home to complete the package. When a friend from his past reaches out in need of help, Anthony feels compelled to lend a helping hand. But will soon realize, everyone isn’t worthy of a good deed, even if they are good friends, he will unfortunately pay for his decision. Life is all about making the right decisions so they say. In Speechless: When Love Hurts, chances will present themselves over and over again to make things right within each relationship. But with lust and temptation steadily rising, how difficult will it be to remain faithful? Love overcomes all and sometimes, “I love you” doesn’t do the trick. But in this suspenseful and riveting series, will the magical feeling that we sometimes experience overpower hurt and disappointment?

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