Snowed In for a Second Chance
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Snowed In for a Second Chance by Heather Scarlett

Sparks fly when Sarah and Griffin are snowed in together at a cozy Montana cabin. The last place Griffin Walker wants to be is in his hometown of Wildwood Falls, Montana. His career as a travel blogger keeps him constantly on the move, which is just the way he likes it. The last person he wants to see is Sarah Morgan, who has every right to punch him in the face. As his luck would have it, she is the very person he needs to seek out. Snowed in together in a secluded mountain cabin, Griffin and Sarah must face their shared past. While their anger with each other started as teenagers, their current attraction feels very mature. When Griffin can no longer run from his emotions, he has no choice but to own up to his mistakes. Sarah has spent the past decade trying to forget about Griffin. No amount of time or distance has erased him from her heart. Ghosts from the past haunt their memories, while they struggle to build something new. Is a snowy weekend in the mountains enough to bring them together? This winter, Griffin and Sarah will be Snowed in for a Second Chance.
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