Slip Into the Night
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Slip Into the Night by Tracie Ingersoll Loy

A romantic thriller set in the San Juan Islands in the Pacific Northwest embraces the journey of Jeannie Rogers as she struggles to keep her cafe on Hartz Island, afloat. Trying to make ends meet, she accepts a week long catering job at Eagle’s Nest Lodge. Unbeknownst to her this week would be a pivotal point in her life.Retired Navy SEAL Commander "Kip" Hendricks has one mission in life - stop terrorism. Kip and his team, arrive on Hartz Island to monitor cargo ships arriving from Indonesia, suspected of smuggling young jihad terrorists. All the ships must pass Hartz Island as they head to their Pacific Northwest ports. Holed up at Eagle's Nest Lodge, the joint task force of Americans and Canadians strategize their mission. The San Juan Islands melt into the Gulf Islands of British Columbia, attracting eclectic residents, like Montana Worthington, resident psychic and free thinker, but also those who like to live outside the law.SLIP INTO the NIGHT is the first book in the Hartz Island mystery series.
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