Single-Dad: The Mountain Man (Mountains and Curves Book 4
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Shane She's off-limits... but I don't give a damn. I'm a father of two, a former MMA champion, a mountain man, and I'm fighting the hardest battle of my life—resisting my best friend's younger sister. I promised to protect and keep her safe while he does time in prison. But the curvy temptress is completely irresistible, and I want to claim her. Willow Hamilton is a plus-sized siren with assets that'll get under the skin of any red-blooded male. And I deserve a medal for keeping my distance. Admittedly, it wasn't too challenging while she attended college several hundred miles away. But now she's back. Living with me. Teaching my kids yoga. And captivating me with those dangerous curves. Everything changes when we're alone in my cabin for a weekend. I'll make this virgin goddess mine and suffer the consequences later. The Mountains and Curves series is the perfect blend of insta-love, small-town romance, and steamy scenes. There's zero cheating, and HEA is guaranteed.
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