Show Me a Single Dad Cowboy
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A small-town single-dad cowboy and a matchmaker out to prove herself in the big city… Can they have a chance at love? After Maggie Harris is fired from her job at a prestigious matchmaking agency in New York, she returns to her hometown, Cowboy Crossing, Missouri, to regroup. Falling for a local cowboy, Georgio Moore, isn’t part of the plan, despite the attraction sparking between them. But abandoned by her mother as a child, Maggie instantly connects with Georgio’s daughter and offers to find him a wife who'll be a good mother for his child. Since his ex-wife left him and their daughter to chase the city lights, Georgio hasn’t been in the market for romance. However, he’d do anything for his daughter, even agree to Maggie's ridiculous idea. If only she'd see that the only woman he wants to be matched with is her. Once Maggie has the opportunity to rebuild her career in New York, will she let love lead her—or her bruised ego? A prequel to the Cowboy Crossing Romance series (can be read as a stand-alone). Cowboy Crossing Romances series set in a small town in the Show Me State is about curvy forty-something women and the swoon-worthy single dad cowboys who love them, though sometimes those rugged handsome men might need a nudge-or a push. Book 1: Show Me a Marriage of Convenience Book 2: Show Me a Second Chance Book 3: Show Me the Boss Book 4: Show Me Best Friends Book 5: Show Me My Brother's Best Friend Book 6: Show Me a Christmas Romance
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