She’s Mine
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She’s Mine by Lydia Hall

She needed protection when I was hired to guard her life.   And now... I need to save her from myself.   Alyssa is 15 years younger than me.   That’s a problem but I want her every second of every day.   She feels safe when I put my arms around her.   Partying became her escape after the Bloodline Cartel murdered her brother.   And watching her become vulnerable with me has made me want her even more.   I’d turn the world upside down to keep her safe.   I told myself I’d keep my distance.   But I couldn’t help pressing my lips against hers.   Life began feeling unreal with her before the darkness returned.   My ability to protect her would be tested when a secret comes out.   Along with another secret that’s growing inside her. I’d be damned if I let the enemies destroy my family.  She’s mine – and always will be.
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