Sheriff Rick
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Sheriff Rick by Jesse Storm


After the murder of Teller City’s two law enforcers, Rick Walker jumps at the opportunity to be the town’s next sheriff.


Shortly after assuming the sheriff role for Teller City, a wave of crimes plague the troubled town. A notorious outlaw by the name of Leopold Lodges has been released from Colorado’s penitentiary for good behavior. But he is far from reformed. Leopold is striking back in order to get his revenge on the law for locking him up.


One peaceful night, Leopold and his gang ride through the town to look for trouble before kidnapping Jenny Bridle from her bed. Upon learning about the kidnapping, Sheriff Rick heads after the criminals to rescue the innocent woman while proving to the doubtful locals that he is the sheriff that Teller City deserved.


However, not everything is as easy as it seems. Leopold is ready to cross many lines. He is prepared to do anything in his power for vengeance. And Sheriff Rick has to take on the gang alone.


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