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SHADE by Shayne Ford

He does the unthinkable to her without revealing his name or showing his face. What happens next takes everybody by surprise. Hot stranger. ✔ New boss. ✔ Unforgettable encounters. ✔ Expect a rollercoaster. ✔ Life becoming ten times more complicated. ✔ One steamy encounter at a corporate event one summer night leaves Tara Hara panting and with more questions than answers. The handsome man barges into her life, charming her with his smile, his expert touch, and confident words. The brief experience leaves her questioning her career and on and off long-term relationship, giving her a new take on life. Little does she know that the exquisite experience marks the beginning of a new chapter in her life. Things are more complicated than they seem as she learns the identity of the man who swept her off her feet.
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