Seducing a Stranger
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Seducing a Stranger by Kerrigan Byrne


This Knight of the Crown is driven by a painful past and a patient fury… and his entire life is a lie.

Sir Carlton Morley is famously possessed of extraordinary will, singular focus, and a merciless sense of justice. As a man, he secured his fortune and his preeminence as Scotland Yard’s ruthless Chief Inspector. As a decorated soldier, he was legend for his unflinching trigger finger, his precision in battle, and his imperturbable strength. But as a boy, he was someone else. A twin, a thief, and a murderer, until tragedy reshaped him.

Now he stalks the night, in search of redemption and retribution, vowing to never give into temptation, as it’s just another form of weakness.

Until temptation lands—quite literally—in his lap, taking the form of Prudence Goode.

Prim and proper Pru is expected to live a life of drudgery, but before she succumbs to her fate, she craves just one night of desire. On the night she searches for it, she stumbles upon a man made of shadows, muscle and wrath… And decides he is the one.

When their firestorm of passion burns out of control, Morley discovers, too late, that he was right. The tempting woman has become his weakness.

A weakness his enemies can use against him.

"I loved everything about this book!" — Curlyhairlass

"5-Star read for me!" — M.nguyen

"This book had me hooked from page one and every page after just had me falling more and more in love with my already favorite character of the series." — Allison Smith

"If you’re a Victorian Rebels fan, you’ll be thrilled with Morley’s spellbinding story of passion, betrayal, intrigue, and adventure. And if you’re new to this author or series, you are in for the ride of your life." — Love at 1st read

"This is a book you need to own and savor and spend time with again and again." — BDay

"A Dark and Stormy Knight is PERFECTION in its masterful writing!!! — GI’s Spot Reviews

Please Note: This book was originally published as A Dark and Stormy Knight

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