SEAL Daddies Next Door: An Age Gap, Accidental Pregnancy, Reverse Harem Romance (The Why Choose Haremland)
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Becoming rich overnight led to a series of nightmares. But the three much older Navy SEALs that entered my life as a result were more like a fantasy come true. The electricity I feel with them makes me forget that the man who surprisingly left me an inheritance has been murdered... and I’m the prime suspect. Reed, a protective single dad, has a rugged charm that could steal any woman’s heart. Asher could cut glass with his razor-sharp features. Yes, he’s exceptionally strong but what draws me to him is his heart of gold. Miguel has Spanish blood in him. His temper is unmatched, but you’d never guess that when he cracks dad jokes. These men fill my heart with joy... and my bed with heat. My soul belongs to them, but do I even know who they really are? Their traumatic past won’t let them get too close to me, even though the two pink lines on the stick bind us together. I may not know who the dad is, but I’m taking a leap of faith. They say I’m too innocent for my own good. Am I naïve to think that I can trust them with my life, and with my baby? Our baby?

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