Scarlight: A Dark Fairy Tale Romance (The Castles of the Eyrie Book 1)
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"When I was a little girl, I mistook the "Baer" kingdom for "Bear" kingdom. And in their bearskin cloaks, they looked as savage as beasts: Rangar, Valenden, and Trei. Three brothers. Three princes. Three hearts tangled together."

At six years old, princess Bryn was saved from a wolf attack by a prince from a rival kingdom that left them both scarred. Rangar's people believe that a life saved is a soul owned, and ten years later, Rangar returns to collect his prize: Bryn.

Yet Rangar arrives on the night that Bryn's people rise against their despotic rulers. With Bryn's castle on fire and most of her family dead, she has no choice but to escape with Rangar's help.

Was she rescued…or kidnapped?

Taken to Rangar’s wild kingdom, Bryn slowly finds beauty in the harsh Outlands. There, she discovers magic is not the sin she’s been led to believe it is. As she learns the full truth of her family’s tyrannical rule and plans to take back her kingdom by the sword or marriage, Bryn falls under the spell of each of the three royal brothers.

But which brother will end up with her hand—and her heart—not even magic can foretell.

Scarlight is the first book in the Castles of the Eyrie series, a dark fantasy romance inspired by Goldilocks and the Three Bears with enemies-to-lovers and fated romance tropes. The series begins as young adult and moves to new adult in later books as the steam level rises.

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