Saving Arianna
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Saving Arianna by Alisa Woods

He’s her bodyguard… but he can’t protect her from the monster who owns her soul. Jak owes his life to the alpha of his pack’s dot-com investing firm. But when he asks Jak to guard his brother’s mate, Jak knows he should run like hell. Because he wants to save beautiful, sweet Arianna from his alpha’s brutal brother, but she doesn’t belong to him… and never will. Arianna was mated against her will, the magic of the mating bond holding her captive, but she’s never stopped dreaming of being free. She’s convinced Mace to let her go back to school—to help with the pack’s business—and her bodyguard is a breath of fresh air in a life that feels like it’s choking her. But when he saves her from an attack by rogue wolves… everything changes. Is love stronger than magic? Or will breaking an unbreakable bond destroy them both? Saving Arianna is a super-hot complete story with HEA, the second in the Dot Com Wolves series.
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