Roses in Red Wax
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Roses in Red Wax by Louise Mayberry

JANE STUART HAS LOST everything, her betrothed, her ancestral castle in the Highlands, and her life’s work—the orchard where she ran her apple tree crossbreeding trials. But after a year of exile in smoke-filled Glasgow, she’s gone numb to the loss, indifferent to her lonely, grey future. Then he comes along. Percy Sommerbell is a musician, a free spirit who holds nothing but disdain for his industrialist father. But when familial duty forces Percy to travel to Scotland to inspect his father’s holdings, he’s confronted with an uncomfortable truth. His fortune—the money that funds his aimless wandering through all life’s pleasures—is generated by the exploitation of people, children, in his father’s spinning mills. There’s something else in Glasgow, a mysterious Highland beauty whose sad eyes and luscious curves promise temporary distraction from his growing sense of guilt, and inspiration for his music. Against her better judgement, Jane finds herself falling for this man’s charms. But when the mills become the first spark in a violent radical insurgency, and enemies from the past resurface, everything changes. Can Jane and Percy’s connection take root as the world catches fire? Set in 1820 Scotland—a volatile time of radicals and romantics, capitalists and aristocrats—Roses in Red Wax will transport you from the gritty streets of early industrial Glasgow to the wild glens and ancient castles of the Highlands. Start reading now to experience this “achingly beautiful” romance for yourself. "This book is not a Kit Kat, it’s an exquisite truffle from the hands of a master chocolatier. Decadent, nuanced, surprising, and unforgettable." - Heather Hallman, author of Toast of Tokyo
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