Rewrite the Rules (Love, Me & the 303 Book 2)
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Rewriting the rules could be the best—or worst—thing that ever happened to them…

Adler Haley writes great sex…just not under her name. And certainly not about her experiences—or lack thereof.

There’s no safer place to express herself than behind the obscurity of ghostwriting romance novels. By day, Adler’s perfectly content to blend in at her boring nine-to-five as an executive assistant.

At least until she meets Joel—her new boss who has her wondering if love at first sight is more than just fiction.

* * * * * *

Joel Lewis is convinced that relationships bring out the bad in people. And marriage? The worst. Ask his parents. His siblings. And his ex-girlfriend.

Needing a fresh start, Joel trades the Big Apple to take the helm at a struggling venture capitalist firm in Denver.

After meeting his new assistant, he has to work overtime to fight his feelings and adhere to the no-relationships policy he’s instated for his life.

Armed with The F-Buddy Rules for Survival, a clever set of guidelines designed to keep their friendship fun and fun only, Adler and Joel find themselves whisked into the most entertaining "situationship" of their lives.

But it’s not long before Adler discovers a major issue with the rules—they weren’t meant to protect her from falling in love.

They were only ever meant to keep Joel from finding out.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Author note: Rewrite the Rules is a steamy, boss/assistant, friends with benefits, first time romance. Full of sass, angst and pop culture references, this story is sure to make you laugh and cry while you root for a happily ever after. It is book two in the Love, Me & the 303 Series but can be read as a standalone.

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