Resisting Chase
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Resisting Chase by Sharon Woods

Arrogant quarterback playboy Benjamin Chase is the hottest player on the team. And guess what…he only has eyes for me. But I finally landed my dream job as a club doctor and have no intention of falling for a guy. Especially one who wears his jersey like a second skin. He thinks I’ll swoon for his athletic body, those piercing blue eyes, or his charm like most women. But I’m not like most. I keep a wall around my heart because someone once showed me that what men do best is leave. But when an old knee injury makes us work one-on-one, we exchange our banter, lingering touches, and secret kisses. And suddenly it’s what’s underneath that jersey that has my heart racing and the ice melting. I try to resist him but his end-game is chasing me. Resisting Chase is a full-length steamy dual POV standalone romance, featuring a hot Quarterback who falls head first for the sassy yet fun-loving heroine who makes him work for her.
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